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    Learning how to rearrange and graph equations.

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    How do I rearrange equations and then graph them?

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    To rearrange the equations, it is best to remember the rules for inequalities:

    1) if a < b, then a+c < b+c
    - this basically says if you add something to both sides the
    inequality will hold
    2) if a < b and c < d then a+c < b+d
    - so this says that adding the two smaller numbers (a and c)
    will be less then adding the two bigger numbers
    3) if a < b and c > 0 then ac < bc
    - so multiplying both sides of an inequality by a positive
    number will keep the inequality the same
    4) if a < b and c < 0 then ac > bc

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    The method for rearranging and graphing equations is explained in detail.