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A Lagrange Interpolating Polynomial

1. For medical purposes the level of sugar was measured in blood (in mg/dl). The
samples were taken with 1
2hr increments, as the following table shows:
initial sample 96 mg/dl
after 30 min. 133 mg/dl
after 60 min. 142 mg/dl
after 90 min. 81 mg/dl
after 120 min. 87 mg/dl
Graph in MATLAB sugar curves corresponding to these data:
(a) By using piecewise linear function.
(b) By using the Lagrange interpolating polynomial (clearly state the degree
of this polynomial).
(c) By using any interpolating polynomial. How would a typical polynomial
of this type look like?
Before producing any graph, show the procedures for obtaining such required
functions. Be as specific as possible. Use the handout Lagrange interpolating
polynomials distributed in class.


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