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Intepreting Data and Piecewise Functions

A factory begins emitting particulate matter into the atmosphere at 8 am each workday, with the emissions continuing until 4 pm. The level of pollutants, P(t), measured by a monitoring station 1/2 mile away is approximated as follows, where t represents the number of hours since 8 am:

p(t)= 75t + 100 if 0 is less than or equal to t and less than or equal to 4
400 if 4 is less than t or less than 8
-100t + 1200 if 8 is less than or equal to t or less than or equal to 10
-50/7t + 100/7 if 10 is less than t or less than 24

Find the level of pollution at
a. 9am
c. 5pm
d. 7pm
e. midnight
f.Graph y = P(t)
g. From the graph in part f., at what time(s) is the pollution level highest? Lowest?


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