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    Graph Theory -Tree and Tree Structures

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    Trees can be used for many applications in computer science. One of these applications is decision-making, which is often used in the creation and analysis of databases.
    a) In one paragraph, define what trees are. Be sure to mention the difference between binary and n-ary trees.

    b) Represent the following hierarchical database information using a tree structure.
    Each university department has one chairperson. The chairperson has a secretary and a vice-chairperson who both report to the chairperson. The secretary has an assistant called the secretarial assistant. The vice chairperson has an administrative assistant. The administrative assistant oversees the professors in the department and the professor oversees the students.

    c) There are several methods that can be used to traverse and search a tree. Review the two methods from the list below and in two to three paragraphs, explain how each method works, how they are similar, and how they are different.

    1) Depth-First Search
    2) Breadth First Search

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    a)Tree: In Graph Theory, a tree is a way of representing the order of a structure in graphical form. This graph is called a "tree structure" because the representation resembles a tree in an inverted form. Every finite tree structure has a superior member, which is called the "root" or root node. It acts as the starting node for the structure. The elements ...

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