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    Completing the square: Finding the vertex and intercepts - repel, attract or are indifferent?

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    Rewrite the function
    f(x)=x^2+13/3 x+7/3
    in the form
    f(x)=(x+13/6)^2+ c
    Then need to find the vertex of parabola as the graph of f, finding the y and x intercepts.

    Find the fixed points of f state whether they repel, attract or are indifferent.
    Using a gradient, find the interval of attraction for one of the fixed points.

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    Vertex: Notice that if we take x^2, shift it to the left by 13/6
    and then shift it down by 85/36, we get f(x). Vertex of x^2
    is (0,0), so the vertex of this parabola is (-13/6,-85/36).

    Let x=0 then ...

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    The vertex and intercepts of a parabola are located. The repulsion, attaction and indifference are examined.