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Distance As A Function Of Time

Suppose you throw a baseball straight up at a velocity of 64 feet per second. A function can be created by expressing distance above the ground, s, as a function of time, t. This function is s = -16t2 + v0t + s0
· 16 represents 1/2g, the gravitational pull due to gravity (measured in feet per second2).
· v0 is the initial velocity (how hard do you throw the object, measured in feet per second).
· s0 is the initial distance above ground (in feet). If you are standing on the ground, then s0 = 0.

a) What is the function that describes this problem?

b)The ball will be how high above the ground after 1 second?

c)How long will it take to hit the ground?

d)What is the maximum height of the ball? What time will the maximum height be attained?

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The solution gives a step by step procedure to calculate the maximum height attained by a stone thrown upward , its location after a fixed interval of time and time taken by it to hit the ground.