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    Uniform Probability Distribution

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    1.) Delta Airlines quotes a flight time of 2 hrs, 5 minutes for its flights from Cincinnati to Tampa. We belive that actual flight times are uniformly distriubted between 2 hours and 2 hours 20 minutes.
    A.) show a graph of probabililty density function for flight time
    B.) what is the prob. that the flight will be no more than 5 minutes late?
    C.) what is the prob that the flight will be no more than 10 minutes late?
    D.) What is the expexted flight time?

    The driving distance for the top 100 golfers on the PGA is between 284.7 and 310.6 yards. Assume that the driving distance for these golfers is unifromaly ditrubted over this interval.
    a.) Give a mathematical expression for the probabililty density function of driving distance
    b.) what is the prob the driving distance is less than 290 yards?
    c.) what is the prob the drivign distance is at least 300 yard
    d.) what is the prob that driving distance is between 290 and 305 yards?

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