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    Cross-eyed heart

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    27. y'' + 25y = sin(4t),
    y(0) = 0, y'(0) = 0.
    Plot the component curves and the orbit, the latter for the rectangle |y|< 0.25 and |y'|< 1.
    Any surprises?

    28. Hearts and Eyes: Find a solution formula for y'' + 25y = sin&(wt), where w is not equal 5. Plot the solution curve of the IVP with y(0) = y'(0), where w=4. Plot the orbit for 0< t <20 in the rectangle |y| < 0.1, -0.5 < |y'| < 0.3.
    Repeat with w=1. Overlay the graphs.

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    Attached is the solution with the required graphs.

    First let's solve the equation:

    We start by first solving the homogenous equation:

    Which has a characteristic equation:

    So the homogenous solution is:

    Since the independent term is not part of the homogenous solution, we guess a solution of the form:

    Substituting it back in the equation we get:

    Equating the coefficients of the cosine ...

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    The solution shows how to solve the required differential equations and provides the graphs that show an interesting behavior. The plot behavior is analyzed.