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    Understanding Wave Diagrams : Golden Ratio

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    Please help in understanding a "wave diagram". "The Power of Limits" by Gyorgy Doczi, is about the relationship of shape, music, nature etc to the golden section. A lot of the book has diagrams relating to an object showing how the forms relate to the golden section. One such diagram is a wave diagram, and connects a dinergic diagram and a diagram of the object, to create a wave diagram which represents the object. Please explain how the wave diagram was created, or what it entirely means?

    Attached are two images which show the wave diagrams. The first image, the wave diagrams are on the far right and left. The second is of a Grecian vase which shows the vase, the dinergic diagram (to the left), relationships to the golden section, and the wave diagram to the right, (which is figure 3). See the attached files.

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    Wave diagrams and the golden ratio are discussed in reference to an application to vase designs.