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    Measurement of a parallelepiped brick's diagonal

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    You have a brick of parallelepiped shape. You need to measure its diagonal (a distance between two opposite vertexes remote to the maximum). You have in your disposition a ruler and a rectangular edge of the plane surface (of the table, for example). What should you do to measure the diagonal if
    1. You have also a pencil to make marks on the edge of the table.
    2. You don't have a pencil but have another identical brick (of the same shape and dimensions).

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    1. Put the brick on its base upon the table and superpose the base's sides with those of the rectangular edge of the table. Mark the positions of the base's vertexes on the table's edge with the pencil. Measure the distance between two ...

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    Methods for obtaining a diagonal measurement of a parallelepiped are proposed. The diagonal distance between two opposite vertexes remote to the maximum is given.