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Geometry Word Problems

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1. (4 pts) Use the figure below to find the following:

Hint: Your answers will be points or segments from this figure.

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2. Lines A and B are parallel and are cut by the transversal shown. Determine the measures of angles 1 through 7.

3. A cylindrical water tank has a base with a diameter of 2 ft and is 4 ft tall. How many gallons of water will the tank hold? (1 cubic foot equals 7.5 gallons)

4. Find the volume of the pyramid shown below.

5. A recreation room has the following dimensions. Carpeting will cost $8.00 a square yard. How many square yards of carpet will be needed and how much will it cost?

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1) i. AD U BC is everything contained in line AD, segment BC, or both. Since BC is in AD, this would be line AD
ii. The union of these segments is anything contained in any one or all three of the segments, so the union of these three segments would be all ...

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