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    Cross Section, Bounded Region, Solid of Revolution - Washers or Disks

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    See the attached file.
    6. Sketch the region and then find the volume of the solid whose base is the given region and which has the property that each cross section to the x-axis is an equilateral triangle
    a) the region bounded by the curves {see attachment}

    7. Same problem statement as #6 above, except cross-section to the x-axis is a semi-circle:
    a) the region bounded above by y = cos x, below by y = sin x, and on the left by +6 y-axis.

    8. For the volume of the solid formed when the region described is revolved about the x-axis using washers or disks: {see attachment for regions}.

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    Cross sections, areas of bounded region and solid of revolution for washers or Disks are investigated and discussed. The solution is detailed and well presented.