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Maths Problems

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I am lost when it comes to these math problems. Can you please explain in detail how to find the solutions to these problems?

1) Find the complement of

2) Subtract.
8 gal 1 qt
- 3 gal 2 qt

3) Label the triangle as equilateral, isosceles, or scalene.

4) Write 30% as a fraction

5) Write as a percent.

6) 11% of what number is 77

7) What is 30% of 200?

8) The electricity costs of a business increased from $10,000 one year to $13,000 the next. To the nearest whole percent, what was the rate of increase?

9) Write the ratio of 9 nickels to 3 quarters in simplest form.

10) Garrett washes 3 cars in 72 minutes. How many minutes does it take Garrett to wash one car?

11) Determine whether the pair of fractions is proportional:

12) Write a proportion that is equivalent to the statement: If 3 gallons of gasoline cost $5.37 then 8 gallons will cost $14.32.

13) Is the object a line or a line segment? Why?

14) Is the object a line or a line segment? Why?

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