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    Stretching and Compressing functions in Fourier transform.

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    If f(x) is a Gaussian with unit area - show that the scaled and stretched function 1/a * f(x/a) also has unit area - that's the hardest part.

    The other parts (along with a detailed explanation of this one) are in an attachment as both mathcad v.11 and in an html file - they're the same thing - but if you don't have mathcad you CAN see the html file.. just extract it to your desktop and click the .htm file... Thanks!!!

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    Now, the proofs are attached below in two files (pdf and doc).

    For some reason you chose to prove these properties of the Fourier transform using the Gaussian function. My question is: why?
    A. The ...

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    This solution discusses stretching and compressing functions in a fourier transform.