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    Normalize function

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    Functions, Interval. See attached file for full problem description.
    Given the set of functions

    f1(t) = A1*exp(-t)
    f2(t) = A2*e^(-2t)

    Defined on the interval (0, infinity).

    (a) Find A1 such that f1(t) is normalized to unity on (0, infinity). Call this function PHI_1(t).

    (b) Find B such that PHI(t) and f2(t) - B*PHI(t) are orthogonal on (0, infinity). Normalize this new function and call it PHI_2(t).

    (c) Do this for the third function, e^(-3t). That is, chooses C and D such that f3(t) - C*PHI_2(t) - D*PHI_1(t) is orthogonal to both PHI_1(t) and PHI_2(t). Normalize it and call it PHI_3(t). Comment on the feasibility of continuing this procedure.

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