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    Quantitative method for solving equations

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    Solve the following equations and find the values of x and y.
    2x + y = 4
    4x - 2y = 24

    Please graph the equation, choose your own range, but make sure the two graphs intersect.

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    First solve each equation for y:

    1) 2x + y = 4
    subtracting 2x from both sides of the equation yields:
    y = 4 - 2x

    2) 4x - 2y = 24
    subtracting 4x from both sides of the equation yields:
    -2y = 24 - 4x
    dividing -2 into both sides of the equation and rearranging ...

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    This solution helps solve the missing variables for various equations. That equations are graphed and places where the graphs are intersected are found.