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    Numerical Methods Proofs

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    a) Show that the l_inf vector norm satisfies the three properties
    i. ||x|| > 0 if x =/ 0 and x belongs to R^n
    ii. ||lambda(x)|| |lambda| ||x|| if lambda belongs to R and x belongs to R^n
    iii. ||x + y|| <= ||x|| + ||y|| for x, y belonging to R^n.

    b) consider the matrix
    4 2 1
    A = 2 5 -2
    1 -2 7

    Compute ||A||_infinity and find a vector x such that ||A||_infinity = ||A_x|| / ||x||_infinity.

    c) Compute the condition number, k(A), for the above matrix A.

    d) Prove that is ||A|| < 1, then

    ||(I - A)^1|| >= 1/(1+||A||).

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