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    Math: Combinations

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    1. Six women and eight men are on the faculty in the mathematics department at a school. How many ways are there to select a committee of four members of the department if at least one woman must be on the committee?

    2. Find the value of C(16, 6).

    3. How many different license plates can be created with 7 numbers if any digit is allowed?

    4. The Math Department has 6 committees that meet once a month. What is the minimum amount of different meeting times that must be used to guarantee that no one is scheduled to be at 2 meetings at the same time, if committees and their members are: C1 = {Allen, Brooks, Marg}, C2 = {Brooks, Jones, Morton}, C3 = {Allen, Marg, Morton}, C4 = {Jones, Marg, Morton}, C5 = {Allen, Brooks}, C6 = {Brooks, Marg, Morton}?

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    Total number of ways a committee of four members can be formed with six women and eight men
    = C(14, ...

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