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    Kafka Inc. imports hard drives ... and five other problems

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    1.Simplify the expression
    3√ (-1000)

    2.Total profit is defined as total revenue minus total cost. R(x) and C(x) are the revenue and cost from the sale of x televisions. If R(x)= 240x - 0.9x^2 and C(x) - 4000 + 0.6x^2, find the profit from the sale of 100 televisions.

    3.Simplify the complex fraction

    9/ x^2-1

    4.Use the calculator to solve the equation. Round to the nearest hundredth
    (2.85x - 2.52/1.06)-(2.39x-3.56/1.01) = x

    5.A ball is thrown downward from a window in a tall building. Its position at time t in seconds is s= 16t^2 + 32t, where s is in feet. How long ( to the nearest tenth) will it take the ball to fall 175 feet?

    6.Kafka Inc. imports hard drives and sells them on the internet. The profit is given by the equation P=137n - 5000, where n is the number of hard drives sold. How many hard drives must be sold for the company to break even? Round your answer to the unit place, in other words, to the nearest number of hard drives.

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