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    Value of Game

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    Two DC senate candidates must decide what city to visit the day before the November election. The same four cities, Indianapolis, Evansville, Fort Wayne, and South Bend are available for both candidates. These cities are listed as strategies 1 to 4 for each candidate. Travel plans must be made in advance, so the candidates must decide which city to visit prior to knowing the other candidate's plans. Values in the following table show thousands of voters for the Republican candidate based on the strategies selected by the two candidates. What city should each candidate visit, and what is the value of the game?

    Democrat Candidate

    b2 Fort Wayne
    b3 South Bend
    Indianapolis,a1 0 -15 -8 20
    Evansville,a2 30 -5 5 -10
    Fort Wayne,a3 10 -25 0 20
    South Bend,a4 20 20 10 15

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