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    Discrete Math Problems: Set Operations, Counter Examples

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    1 (a) If a=√2 and b=√2, then a*b=2 which is rational.
    (b) Kim Campbell is the only female prime minister in Canada.
    (c) If x=-1, then x3=-1 but x2/5=1/5. So -1<1/5.
    (d) If a+b=1 which is rational, but a=√2 and b=1-√2 both of which are irrational number.

    2 (a) S is false. Counter example: if n=-2, then n/(n+1)=2 which is an integer.
    (b) The converse can be ...

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    The solution gives detailed steps on solving a set of quesitons on discrete math including proving using counter example and set operations.