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differentiate and implicit differentiation

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1. Determine dy/dx for each of the following relations.
a) 6x^2-3y^2=5
b) y^3+x^2-2x^2=0

2. Determine the slope of the curve 2x3+2y3-9xy=0 at the point (1,2).

3. Find dy for the relation 4x2+y2=16 using each of the following methods.
i) Solve for y explicitly as a function of x. Then, differentiate with respect to x.
ii) Use Implicit Differentiation to differentiate with respect to x.

4. Find the derivative for the following functions:
a) y=(2x2-x)(3x2+5)8
b) y= this whole fraction is to have brackets around it. [(t^2-6t) / (t^2 +6t)]^8


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