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Calculus Problems : Continuity, Limits, Derivatives

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1. Solve log₆x-3=0

2. A business owner is comparing the costs of purchasing inventory and the profit from the sale of the product. The relationship proves to be linear. Which type of variation will describe the data?
Direct as nth power joint regress
Inverse direct

3. Solve x²-25<0

4. What is the limit as x approaches -3 for the function f(x)=x³

5. Determine points of discontinuity, if any, for the function f(x)= 1/x+1 on the interval [-10, 10]

6. What is the derivative of the function f(x)= 3x² + 2x -5

7. f(x) = 2x² - 3x + 2: Approximate derivative of f(x) to nearest tenth when x=2.71

8. f(x) = 6x + 2; Approximate an anti- derivative of f(x) to the nearest tenth when x = 3.4

9. Height of an object shot straight upward from the ground with an initial velocity of 64ft per square is given by the equation h = 64t - 16t². What is the maximum height reached by the object?

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A step by step solution is provided to all calculus problems on continuity, limits, derivatives, inequalities, quadratic equations and parabolas and maximum height.

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