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    equation, expression, and set

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    Directions : Write the word or phrase that best completes each statement or answers the question.

    1. It is estimated that y , the number of items of a particular commodity (in millions)sold in the united States in year x represents the number of years since 1990 , is given the formula y=1.38x+3.49. That is , x =0 represents 1990, x=1represents 1991, and so on. According to the formula, how many items sold in 1998?

    2. Simplify:
    Two and two thirds- One and one -half squared, The two and one thirds -One and one half is in parenthesis, to the second power is outside of the parenthesis plus 3 times One and one eighths divided by 18.

    3.Express the set using the roster method.
    the set of natural numbers less than or equal to 8

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