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    Complex Variables : Analytic Functions and Limits

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    Please help with the following mathematics-related problem.

    Let f(z) be analytic in a region G and setphi(z,w) = (f(w)-f(z))/(w-z) for w,z E G w does not equal z. Let z0 Ye G. Show that lim (z,w)-->(z0,z0) phi(z,w) =f'(z0).

    Complex Variables. See attached file for full problem description

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    A proof needs to use some properties of ANALYTIC function.

    You must have some definitions of an analytic function in your textbook(s) or lecture notes, but just in case here is a link to a web page with a definition:

    The proof that you have already received is probably based on either the infinite differentiability of an analytic function or on its expandability in Taylor series,

    f(t) = f(z0) + f'(z0)(t-z0) +(1/2) ...

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