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    Complex Metric Spaces

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    Let (S,d) be a metric space and define the function u(x,y) = d(x,y)/(1+d(x,y)) for all x,y

    in S.

    (a) Prove that u is a metric on S with sup u(x,y) <= 1.

    (b) If S = C (complex) and d is the usual Euclidean metric d(z,w) = abs(z-w), then prove that

    sup u(z,w) = 1.

    (c) For 0 < r < 1, show that u(x,y) < r if and only if d(x,y) < r/(1-r).

    (b) Prove that a set is open in (S,u) if and only if it is open in (S,d).

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