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    Set-Builder Notation

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    Determine whether A = B, A â?? B, B â?? A, A â?? B, B â?? A or if none of these answers applies. (There may be more than one answer)

    A = {x | x is a sport that uses a ball}

    B = {basketball, soccer, tennis}

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    When we define a set in roster notation, we just list all its elements. For example, set O={1,3,5.7.9} or D={Mon, Tu, Wed, Th, Fri}.
    The set-builder notation formally looks like this:
    C={x | the description of the typical element x of the set}. So, for example, the two sets in my example can be described as
    O={x | x is an odd digit}
    D={x | x is a weekday}
    The set-builder notation ...

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