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    Solving Inequalities Using Interval Notation and Set-Builder Notation

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    4(3w+4)greater than or equal to 4(2w+12), it says to put answers in interval notation,

    that goes along with this one:


    I am not sure how to sove either one of these, they are somewhat the same except the second question asks for the answer in set builder notation.

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    Hi, here is the solution,

    4 (3w +4) >= 4 ( 2w+12)

    Use the distributive property,

    { a (b+c) = ab+ac }

    So, 12w +16 >= 8w + 48

    Isolate the variables and constants

    12w -8w >= 48 -16

    4w >= 32

    Divide by 4 on both sides, we get

    w>= 8

    Interval notation [ 8, ...

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    Inequalities are solved and expressed in interval and set builder notation. The solution is detailed and well presented.