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Working with projectile motion - a foot ball

With this problem im seeking a detailed explanation. I already have some of the answers however i dont see how they were obtained. Can you please solve this and show me how each answer was obtained. My numbers are way off from what they should be. Thanks

The quarterback of a football team releases a pass at a height of 7feet above the playing field, and the football is caught by a receiver 30 yrds directly downfield at a height of 4feet. The pass is released at an angle of 35 degrees with the horizontal.

a) find the speed of the football when it is released. (initial velocity)

b) find the maximum height of the football

c) find the time the receiver has to reach the proper position after the quarterback releases the football.

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If a body is projected upwards (no angles involved) it will reach a height where its Kinetic Energy gets converted to potential form.
<br>At this point we can write,
<br>(1/2)m u^2 = m g h
<br>U^2 = 2gh
<br>where h is the max height it can go up. But when you throw it in an angle, the vertical height is determined by the vertical component of velocity vector u Sin(theta)
<br>here we will write, u^2 Sin^2(theta) = g h
<br>or the max height is h = u^2 Sin^2(theta)/g ......(1)
<br>The horizontal range and the velocity are related as
<br>R = u^2 Sin(2 ...

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