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Modeling Data for Linear Functions and Maximizing Profit

1960 88
1970 121
1980 152
1990 205
1997 217

a) Model the data with two linear function. Let the independendt variable represent the number of years after 1960.

b) With each function found in part a), predict the amount of maunicipal solid waste in 2005.

c) Which of the two models appears to fit the data more closely(the more realistic prediction)?

2. The waste hauling company profits are statedd as the difference between revenue and costs. That is P(x)=R(x)-C(x), where x is the number of tons processed. Find the maximum profit and the number of tonnage which must be processed in order to yield the maximum profit for each of the following:

a) R(x)=5x;C(x)=0.0001xsquared+1.2x+60

b) R(x)=50x-.05xsquared; C(x)=10x+3

c) R(x)=20x-0.1x squared; C(x)= 4x+2

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Data for a linear function is modeled and profit is maximized using a quadratic function. The solution is detailed and well presented.