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    Instantaneous velocity of the ball

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    If a ball is thrown straight up into the air with an initial velocity of 75 ft/s, it height in feet after t second is given by y=75tâ?'16t^2. Find the average velocity for the time period beginning when t=1 and lasting

    (i) 0.1 seconds
    (ii) 0.01 seconds
    (iii) 0.001 seconds

    Finally based on the above results, guess what the instantaneous velocity of the ball is when t=1.

    On the given Equation, the 2 is an exponent.

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    y=75t - 16t^2


    Average velocity

    = (y(1.1) - y(1))/(1.1-1)

    = ((75*1.1 - 16*1.1^2) -(75*1 - 16*1^2))/0.1

    = 41.4 ...

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