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Exercises on Functions: Evaluating Linear Functions

1. Evaluate the function f(x) = 4x + 6 for x=4.

2. Evaluate the function f(x) = 9x - 6 for x=0.

3. Take a look at the following table:



a. Write out an equation for f(x). Assume the function is linear

b. What is the slope? Is it negative or positive? What information do we get from the slope?

4. Suppose you have a cookie stand, and when you charge $3 per cookie box you sell 200 boxes. But when you raise your price to $4 you only sell 120 boxes.

a. Write an equation for the number of boxes you sell as a function of the price you charge.

b. Denote "B" for number of boxes, and "P" for the price you charge.

c. Assume the function is linear..

5. A reservation clerk worked 12.6 hours one day. She spent twice as much time entering new reservations as she did verifying old ones and one and a half as much time calling to confirm reservations as verifying old ones. How much time did she spend entering new reservations?

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1.) f(4)=4*4+6=22
2.) f(0)=9*0-6=-6
3.) slope=(y2-y1)/(x2-x1)
using m=slope & substituting two points from table,

using a point & the calculated m to ...