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Calculus for Business

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10. y = √x + 3 (√x+3 is all squared). Please use the Chain Rule

16. f (w) = w √w + w² (√w is only squared) Please use the Chain Rule

18. y = 4x³ - 8x² Please use the Chain Rule

46. Marginal Cost:
If c = 0.0001q³ - 0.02q² + 3q + 6000 is a total -cost function, find the marginal cost when q = 100

48. Demand Equation:
If p = q +12 is a demand equation, find the rate of change of price p with respect to quantity q

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This solution is comprised of a detailed explanation to solve calculus for business. Marginal costs and demand equations are examined.

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I must confess that the third problem does not really need the chain rule (but I used the chain rule there anyway - it only complicates matters)
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