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    Preemptive goal programming model

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    Highland Appliance must determine how many color TV's and VCR's should be stocked. It cost highland $300 to purchase a color TV and $200 to purchase a VCR. A color TV requires 3 square yards of storage space. A VCR requires 1 square yard of storage space. The sale of a color TV earns Highland a profit of $150, and the sale of a VCR earns $100. Highland has set the following goals in order of importance:

    Goal 1: A maximum of $20,000 can be spent on purchasing color TVs and VCRs
    Goal 2: Highland should earn at least $11,000 in profits from the sale of color TVs and VCRs
    Goal 3: Color Tvs and VCRs should not use up more than 200 square yards of storage space.

    Formulate a preemptive goal programming model and solve to determine if trhe goals can be achieved

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    Let t denote the no. of TVs purchased by Highland Appliance, and let v denote the no. of VCRs they purchase.

    Goal 1 would then be expressed as $300(t) + $200(v) <= ...

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    The given data are used to set up the model and explain whether or not the stated goals can be achieved.