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Calculus of a Ferris Wheel

A ferris wheel has a diameter of 50 feet and the center is 28 feet off the ground and the eight seats are evenly spaced around the circumference and the ferris wheel rotates counter clockwise once every 60 seconds.

a.If the ride lasts 3 minutes, draw a graph that records the distance from the ground every 5 seconds for the length of the ride

b. If your ride lasts for 3 minutes, draw a graph that shows distance to the left as measured from the center of the Ferris wheel every 5 seconds for the duration of the ride. (Don't worry about the distance from the ground) Distances be positive should be recorded as negative, and distances to the right of center should be positive.

c. How high off ground are you 2 minutes 22.5 seconds into the ride?

d. How far are you to the left or to the right 1 minute 7.5 seconds into the ride?

e. Explain in writing how your graphs for parts (a) and (b) are different, and why they are different.


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