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    Momentum of a Space Probe

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    1. A space probe is in deep space far beyond the edge of the solar system when it uses up all its nuclear fuel. What is true?
    (a) The space probe will immediatly come to a stop
    (b) The space probe will very slowly come to a stop
    (c) The space probe will continue moving at the same speed
    (d) The space probe will speed up

    2. A rocket explodes in mid-air. Which is true during the explosion?
    (a) Only mechanical energy is conserved
    (b) Only momentum is conserved
    (c) Both mechanical energy and momentum are conserved
    (d) Neither mechanical energy nor momentum are conserved

    3. A girl of mass M is on a turning Ferris wheel of radius R. She moves at constant speed v. What is the magnitude of the change of her momentum between when she is at the top and bottom of the Ferris wheel.
    (a) 0
    (b) Mv
    (c) 2Mv
    (d) MgR
    (e) 2MgR


    4. A sheet of copper of uniform thickness is shaped like a triangle with a hole cut out of one corner. Mark the approximate location of the center of the mass.


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