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    Word Problems : Solving Equations

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    1. It takes a passenger 5 hours less time than it takes a cargo plane to make the trip from Los Angeles to London. If the passenger plane averages 700 miles per hour on the trip while the cargo plane averages 450 miles per hour, how far is it from Los Angeles to London?

    2. The molecular formula for Acetone. How many hydrogen atoms are in a molecule of Acetone?

    3. Ashley layered 3 pieces of wood to build the base for a bookcase. The pieces of wood were 1/3 inch thick, 7/9 inch thick, and 13/18 inch thick. How thick was the base of the bookcase?

    4. Place the standards of measurement in order from largest to smallest. angstrom, nanometer, millimeter, and inch.

    5. Putty is a car salesman. His weekly salary is $950. In addition, he receives 20% bonus for all weekly sales over and above $2500. For previous two weeks, Putty had sales of $3300 and $2150 respectively. What ere Putty's total earnings for these two weeks?

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