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Various Topics in Algebra

Question #1
Given f(x)=6x^4-7x^3-23x^2+14x+3, graph using a graphing tool. Use the graph to approximate each real zero as a decimal, accurate to the nearest tenth.

Question #2
For a body falling freely from rest (neglecting air resistance), the distance the body falls varies directly as the square of the time. If an object is dropped from a tower 400 ft high and hits the ground in 5 seconds, how far did it fall in the first 3 seconds?

Question #3
Model A: P=2.2 In (t + 0.61), where P is in millions of dollars and t is in years

Model B: P= -e^(-t+2) + 5, 39 < t < 11, where P is in millions of dollars and t is in years

• Find the Profit given by each model for 3 values of t each

• Which model is more desirable, why?

• Which model is more reasonable, why?

• Describe in 2-3 sentences the impact of pressures from the market, competition, labor, regulation, distribution, raw materials on using models such as these to assist making business decisions.

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Thorough response to three questions covering using a graph to approximate zeros, modeling the free fall of an object and modeling profit.