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Trinomials, Greatest Common Factor and Zero Products

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Please see the attached file for the complete problems.

1. Find the greatest common factor (GCF)

2. Find the greatest common factor (GCF)

3. Factor check by multiplying


5. Factor

6. Factor by grouping

7. Factor by grouping

8. Factor the trinomial

9. Factor the trinomial

10. Factor

11. Factor the trinomial

12. Factor

13. Factor

14. Factor
42 +

15. Factor the trinomial completely

16. Factor note the middle term has already been split.

17. Factor by grouping

18. Factor by grouping

19. Factor by grouping

20. Factor the trinomial

21. Factor completely.

22. Determine whether the expression is a trinomial square,

23. Factor

24. Factor completely

25. Factor

26. Factor completely

27. Factor if the binomial is not factorable give answer as N

28. (Factor completely. give answer in factor form
Factor completely
Factor completely

Solve using the principle of zero products and give the solution for c

Solve using the principle of zero products
Solve using the principle of zero products



36. +

37. A rectangular table is 6 times as long as it is wide. If the area is 96 square feet, find the length and the width of the table.

38. There are n teams in a league and the number the number of games played is given by the polynomial . A women's softball league has 9 teams. What is the total number of games to be played?

39. The product of the page number on 2 facing pages of a book is 110. Find the page number.

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The expert examines trinomials, greatest common factors and zero products.

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