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    We wonder if our planning can provide the level of service customers will get with one oven and one prep table. The following information should allow you to simulate operations and determine an average service time from taking the order to serving the pizza et al. Do 50 iterations.

    Item Time Required Probability
    Ordering 3 min 0.20
    5 min 0.50
    7 min 0.30

    Toppings 30 sec 0.25
    60 sec 0.45
    90 sec 0.20
    120 sec 0.10

    Baking 15 min 0.5
    13 min 0.3
    11 min 0.2

    Slicing/Serving 5 min 0.35
    3.5 min 0.45
    2 min 0.20

    See attached file for full problem description.

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