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Radical Expressions - Algebra

1. An outboard motor calls for a fuel mixture that has a gasoline-to-oil of 50 tol. How many ppints of oil should be added to 6 gallans of gasoline?

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3. simplify assume all real variables are positive real numbers

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7. Betty observed that the lamp post in front of her house casts a shadow of length 8 feet when the angle of inclination of the sun is 60 degrees. How tall is the lamp post?


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1) 1 gallon = 8 pints
6 gallons = 6(8) = 48 pints
48 pints gasoline x 1 pint oil/50 pints gasoline = 0.96 pints of oil
You would have to add 0.96 pints of oil (about 1 pint).

2) 3x = ...

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