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    quadratic equation and inequality

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    1) What is the meaning and purpose of the axis of a quadratic function?

    2) Solve the inequalities. State the solution set using interval notation for:
    (x - 4) / (x + 3) < 0
    and then for:
    (x - 4) / (x + 3) > 0

    What do you get when uniting the two sets of solutions?

    3) The surface area A, of a cylinder with height h, and radius r, is given by the equation A = 2prh + 2pr^2. Find the radius of a cylinder with height 2 cm and area 4p cm2.

    4) An arrow is shot straight upward with a velocity of 96 feet per second at instant t0 = 0; its altitude is defined in time by the following function:
    f(t) = -16t² + 96t + 6.
    From what altitude is it shot? For how many seconds is this arrow more than 86 feet high?

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    ) What is the meaning and purpose of the axis of a quadratic function?
    For a quadratic function of , it can also be written as

    Then line of axis is , this is also the symmetric line of the graph of this quadratic function.
    When you graph the curve, you can just draw the left or right side of the , then the other half can be obtained by the symmetry.

    Another use of axis of the quadratic function is the ...

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    The solution explains the meaning of the line of axis of a quadratic equation. It also explains how to solve a complex inequality. Finally, it finds the height of the arrow when it is shot straight upward.