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    Metric System Conversions

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    I need to be able to convert between kilo, centi, milli, micro.

    Can you please give me examples and explanations

    I get some problems right but some I get wrong.
    For example my teacher had this problem 5.5 kg = 5500000000 mcg
    Can you explain this problem also.

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    Here are the rules of conversion:

    To convert from a larger unit to a smaller unit, we multiply.

    For example, since 1 Kg = 1000 grams, to convert 5 kg into grams we multiply:

    5 × 1000 = 5000 grams

    To convert from a smaller unit to a larger unit, we divide.

    For example, since 1 Kg = 1000 grams, to convert 5000 grams ...

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