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Mathematics: Fundamental Algebra and Graphing

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1. The cost, c, in dollars of a car rental is 10 + , where m is the number of miles driven. Graph the equation and use the graph to estimate the cost of car rental if the number of miles driven is 34.
A) About 24 dollars
B) About 15 dollars
C) About 36.5 dollars
D) About 19 dollars

2. Graph the two lines x + 2y = 6 and 5x + 2y = 18 on the same graph grid and complete the following parts:
a) Determine if the lines are perpendicular.
b) Determine if the lines are parallel.
c) Determine if the lines intersect at x = 3. If so, what is the value of y?

3. For tax purposes, businesses must keep track of the current values of each of their assets. A common mathematical model is to assume that the current value y is related to the age x of the asset by a linear equation. A moving company buys a 40-foot van with a useful lifetime of 5 years. After x months of use, the value y of the van is estimated by the linear equation:

y = 25,000 - 400x

a) Graph this linear equation.
b) Determine the value of the van after 5 years.
c) Determine when the value of the van will be $15,000

4. Solve the equation. Write answer in set-builder notation. Graph the solution set.

0.6x + 14 + x > 2x + 18 ? 0.5x

5. Solve the equation. Do not convert fractions to decimals.
19/18x + 1/18x = 8x + 1/9 + 17/18x

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