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1. List all the subsets of {2, o, t}.

2. Classify each of the following as true or false. If false, tell why or give an example showing that it is
not true.
(a) For all sets A and B, A B = B A
(b) The set {r, s, t,. . ., z} is a finite set.

3. The women's athletic banquet includes the volleyball team of 18 players and basketball team of 15 players. If it is possible for women to play on both teams what is the maximum and minimum number of athletes that will attend the banquet?

4. For each of the following, identify the whole-number properties that are illustrated.
(a) 2(3 + 4) = 2(4 + 3)
(b) 5 + 7 = 7 + 5
(c) 1 ? 14 = 14 = 14 ? 1

5. Use the distributive property of multiplication over addition and addition and subtraction facts to rename each of the following, if possible.
(a) 2x + 4x + 7x + 5x
(b) a(b + c + d)

6. Jim was paid $800 a month for his first 6 months of work and then received a $20 per month raise for his next 6 months. How much money did he make for the year?

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