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Logarithmic functions on word problems

This problem set is comprised of 8 questions involving logarithmic functions. Complete description of the problem can be found in the attached pdf file.

1. Question involves log to the base of 10
2. Question involves log to the base of 2
3. Question involves finding Decibel Levels
4. Word problem on Earthquake Intensity
5. Word problem on Electricity Consumption
6. Word problem on Current in a circuit
7. Word problem on Volume of a cylinder


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(1) Log (20/27)

= - 0.1303

(2) all logs in this problem are to the base 2.

f(23) = 3,
f(2log2) = f(21) = f(2) = log(2) = 1
f(22*log2) = f(22*log2) = f(22) = log (22) = 2

(3) dB = 10 log I/Io ( here log is to the base ...

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Eight word problems each consisting of several sub categories has been answered. This is a great practice problem set on logarithmic functions.