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Dividing, factoring and simplifying polynomials.

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Need help with steps to the answer on all 12 problems.

Divide: 5x3 - 5x + 1 by x - 3

Factor: 5x2 - 13x - 6

Factor completely: 16x4 - 40x2 + 9

Factor: 9b3 - 6b2

Solve: x3 - 4x2 - 21x = 0

I am thinking of three consecutive positive numbers. If I multiply the first with the third and then add the second, the result is 41. Let x be the smallest number.

Factor: 15 + 3y - 5x2 - x2y

Solve: 2x ( x + 3 ) = x + 25


[2x2 - x - 3] / [3x2 - 7x + 4]
divided by [2x2 + x - 6] / [3x2 + 2x - 8].

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Solution Summary

Dividing, factoring and simplifying polynomials is investigated.

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