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Distance, Rate and Time Problem

Karen can row a boat 10 kilometers per hour in still water. In a river where the current is 5 kilometers per hour, it takes her 4 hours longer to row a given distance upstream than to travel the same distance downstream. Find how long it takes her to row upstream, how long to row downstream, and how many kilometers she rows?

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These problems, however, can be tricky.

One of the best ways to start a problem like this is to make a table that uses all the information you have been given. Let's make one for the information we have about the distance, rate, and time Karen travels when she is going both upstream and downstream.

We'll call the time it takes to row downstream x, which means that the time it takes to row upstream is x +4.

We'll start by calculating Karen's rates going upstream and downstream. When she is traveling against the current, she won't be able to row 10 kilometers/hour. ...

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