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    Basic Linear Equations

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    Library Assignment

    Part 1: Using the Library, web resources, and/or other materials, find a record-breaking temperature (in degrees Celsius) for a town or city in a country other than the United States. Include the name of the town and country along with the temperature, and what record was broken. Give the formula for converting degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit. Using the formula, show how to convert the measurement to degrees Fahrenheit.

    Be sure to reference your sources using APA style.

    Part 2: The equation C=mx+b can be used to model the monthly cost, C, of a cell phone plan where b is the flat monthly cost, m represents the cost in dollars per minute and x is the number of minutes used in the month. Choose a flat monthly rate and cost per minute and insert the values you have chosen for m and b into the equation. Then use this equation to find the total monthly cost, C, if 79 minutes are used.

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    Part 1
    I will allow the student to look up an actual temperature. Let us assume that the city is "Hot Town, Mexico" for instructive purposes. While searching the Internet, we find that Hot Town, ...

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    This problem uses the Fahrenheit/Celsius conversion formula as an illustration of a linear equation and thereby provides a real-life example of the slope-intercept form of a line, which is commonly seen in basic Algebra courses.