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Arrange desk to achieve maximum distance for 5 situations

Mary is 3 supervisor in a large office. The secretaries are constantly talking to each other. Mary 's concerned that this constant jabbering back and forth is causing low efficiency in T.e office. She decides to separate the secretaries by the greatest possible distance within the confines of the office.
Your task is to decide how to arrange the desks so you achieve the maximum possible distance for five different situations. These are:
(1) Two secretaries
(2) Three secretaries
(3) Four secretaries
(4) Five secretaries
(5) Six secretaries
The office is a square with 20 feet on each side. Make a drawing showing how you would arrange the desks in each situation. This will require a total of five drawings. These do not have to be drawn to scale. In addition, show your calculations on how you determined the distances between desks in each of these five cases.

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The solution to each of the 5 cases labelled as (a)-(e) is given in the attached "post3841.pdf" file. This is actually much more of a geometry problem than an algebra ...

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Desks are arranged to achieve maximum distance for 5 situations.